Was there a leader in your group? Who was it and who decided who the leader would be? We didn’t exactly have a leader. In the beginning, everyone threw out some ideas, we combined pieces of each and began work on the structure. Audrey was a sort of morale leader in keeping everyone encouraged and maintaining verbal communication within the group. If you had no leader, do you think having designated someone a leader would have helped? I believe, based on the time we were given, the most naturally occurring way was the best. If a leader revealed themselves early … Continue reading Mallows

Image Optimization

Delta Encoding – The compressor stores the difference in neighboring pixels, especially useful for large areas that are similar like a picture of the sky or water. Can be extended to group blocks of nearby pixels. 2. Images often have metadata attached like geolocation and as a display resource that is a waste of space and slows load times. 3.  CSS pixels can contain 1 to many physical pixels. They are not the same but the more physical pixels the better it looks.   Continue reading Image Optimization


Obviously, I spent ages with the polygon lasso tool. I then converted the background to a bright red, zoomed in close, and cleaned up the edges. I copy and pasted him onto the desert background and then duplicated the image. I changed the duplicate to a grey fill color and lowered the opacity to make it look a bit like a shadow. I used the skew tool to turn it a bit sideways. This project was easier than I expected. I used the rubber stamp tool to get rid of the line and just cover it with blue. It started … Continue reading Fireworks

User Test

AR Kids Read Location anchor with link… or a more noticeable one. Is it all on one page? Why? Hypothesis: Takes longer to load site initially but people may have more patience at that point than when they are on a page trying to navigate around. Once page is loaded upfront, skipping around should be quicker. The site becomes so comfortable that you stay longer. Cobalt Couldn’t find news feed. Still couldn’t find news… apparently he just didn’t see it. Video feed not clear enough to tell if that’s the user’s fault or the design’s. UAMS No major problems. Perhaps … Continue reading User Test