Segway: The First Ad(venture)

Segway I was partnered with both Vicky and Jacob. Some of the immediate suggestions for my site were poor readability of my text because of lack of contrast and that my images weren’t positioned very well. The text was easily fixed by switching to a blue that I mined from the logo. The images were not so easily fixed but eventually I was happy with the ones I had. I need to include more I believe. Upon more inspection, Vicky informed me I had crowded a lot of stuff. The logo was an image so I added a border to … Continue reading Segway: The First Ad(venture)


I made a schema with too much data just in case I couldn’t find enough things to query. I had more than enough but I left it because I reasoned the purpose of the summary would be to quickly separate something more pertinent from the mass of data you might have about your employees. First I divided the company into departments and summed the total amount of the salaries paid out to each as a whole. That worked great as a bar chart. Most of my information did and I wanted to mix it up for the assignment’s sake but … Continue reading Sheets!

Waste Away

I choosing for my frequently visited site post. Unfortunately, I had to go there to get a screenshot. That was over an hour ago. Damn. I know we talked about this in class a bit already. However, outside of things like Gmail and Blackboard, I don’t visit many sites. I do homework, I go to work, I do both those things again and then I browse reddit for a bit and fall asleep. I got to Amazon if I already know for certain I have to buy something. Reddit is an aggregator. It’s not really safe to call it … Continue reading Waste Away

Great Googley Moogley.

First off, I did see the gorilla. I also counted exactly 15 passes. I’m not sure how you don’t see the gorilla but the fact that it apparently happens half of the time is extremely interesting. I mentioned in my first post that I was immediately taken with the web-based tools we are learning about this class. I’m not sure what took me this long to give them a chance. I’m no fan of change. I would like to sing the praises of Google Docs versus something like MS Word. We way we take notes in this class is brilliant … Continue reading Great Googley Moogley.