User Test

AR Kids Read

Location anchor with link… or a more noticeable one.

Is it all on one page? Why?

Hypothesis: Takes longer to load site initially but people may have more patience at that point than when they are on a page trying to navigate around. Once page is loaded upfront, skipping around should be quicker. The site becomes so comfortable that you stay longer.


Couldn’t find news feed. Still couldn’t find news… apparently he just didn’t see it. Video feed not clear enough to tell if that’s the user’s fault or the design’s.


No major problems. Perhaps a little difficult to navigate but 2 is a very small test group.


Usability testing in extremely important in making products and services people will actually enjoy and continue to use. The designer knows where every piece is and what everything does already. By testing on the uninitiated, you see how the product will come across and be interpreted by the audience it is intended for and have an opportunity to make changes that create a more intuitive experience. There is a great podcast with the founder of AirBnB about visiting with their early adopters and realizing the site didn’t act at all like they thought. Processes they meant to take one click were taking users 4 or 5 and they had no idea until they watched their users interact.



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