Gaggle of Google.

I know we aren’t supposed to just write about the first video, but one of the most interesting tools I learned was, I think, the first one in whole series. Searching images by color is brilliant. I can’t imagine how much time I would’ve saved on PowerPoints and how much I might save in the future with being able to filter down to only pictures that will match my color scheme and start getting picky from there. Next would be OR, AND, and -. We learned these in class and I have heard about them before but I never think to utilize them. Maybe two more reminders was what I needed to start letting them make my searches easier and quicker. WHOIS is a very neat thing to know is out there existing. I can’t think of an application in my current life, but I can imagine a few scenarios that have to do with networking and job hunting where this info could be very beneficial. Another one that we learned in class, but repeated just as usefully in the video is site:, making it possible to force a search engine into anywhere. Also, the date range trick that was used to verify the MLK quote was great. Probably wouldn’t have thought of that and can’t otherwise figure out how to prove it.


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