Segway: The First Ad(venture)


I was partnered with both Vicky and Jacob.

Some of the immediate suggestions for my site were poor readability of my text because of lack of contrast and that my images weren’t positioned very well. The text was easily fixed by switching to a blue that I mined from the logo. The images were not so easily fixed but eventually I was happy with the ones I had. I need to include more I believe.

Upon more inspection, Vicky informed me I had crowded a lot of stuff. The logo was an image so I added a border to it the same color as the edges and it appears that I just extended the image. I through some padding on the footer and that solved the crowding.

For the navigation, I learned Flexbox through the Treehouse app on my iPad. I had a little trouble getting the elements exactly where I wanted so I through a right margin on them to bump them back to center a few pixels and it worked great.

I took advantage of the native dropdowns being introduced in HTML 5.1 to organize all the specs that were given for the 4-wheel vehicle. I was really happy with it but it came with a box around the selected one that extended across the screen and through an image. I added a border: none rule to the details hook and the box disappeared.

The rest was more straightforward. I was able to manage the things I needed image wise with pixlr but it wasn’t ideal. I’d rather have had something more powerful and that would’ve led to more image activity on the site. Off campus I didn’t have reliable access to Fireworks or any other suitable software.


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