Waste Away

I choosing reddit.com for my frequently visited site post. Unfortunately, I had to go there to get a screenshot. That was over an hour ago. Damn.

I know we talked about this in class a bit already. However, outside of things like Gmail and Blackboard, I don’t visit many sites. I do homework, I go to work, I do both those things again and then I browse reddit for a bit and fall asleep. I got to Amazon if I already know for certain I have to buy something.

Reddit is an aggregator. It’s not really safe to call it news, it’s all content. The front page is fairly simple list of links that have been voted to the top. The algorithm includes popularity and age, which can be further controlled with an account. The links are all in HTML and there is some CSS to lay out the few colors. The links turn from blue to red, etc. There is a surprising amount of JS for a what I would think to be a simpler site. When I turned it off, the first thing I noticed is my hover extension(shows some content without clicking) stopped working and the pointer no longer changed to a hand when I was over a link. Although it technically works, in my opinion, it does not degrade well.

The content of reddit is all posted by or linked to by public members. A lot of GIFs and memes but also some important news stories and interviews with interesting, or at least famous, persons. It’s divided in to subreddits which can get insanely niched and it is almost comical how varied and specific the categories are.

The UX is simple, straightforward and intuitive. The rolling stream of what could potentially be anything in the next link or further information on a highly specific category is extremely addicting and can fit any mood.


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