First Week

Placeholder ImageHello World!

Here is my first post of this blog and first writing on this website to complete my first substantial homework assignment for my first semester of the IT Minor program at UALR, my second college.

The first full week was really enjoyable. I am normally a Mac user  with Firefox for my browser. Even still, I love my Chromebook so far and I had already began working with Chrome to get accustomed to the settings and interface before this semester started. I suppose I don’t greatly prefer either browser for itself but the idea of having everything so accessible and compatible in one place is pushing me over to utilizing Chrome at all times.

I am also embracing the idea of being able to operate almost entirely within a cloud system way quicker than I thought I would. I take complete technology changes slowly. When I bought my last laptop, I went out of my way to still have a CD drive. I wasn’t ready to trust wireless almost exclusively but I can’t remember having once used a disk since that purchase.

I’m excited to be forced to focus on my information organizing skills early on. It’s something I always want to do perfectly and ideally and then become lazy and eventually give up completely. I value the practice highly and can’t seem to live up to it. Perhaps Daniel will finally give me the motivation and techniques to properly stay with it.

Cheryl’s exercises are such a welcome interlude to this daunting class period. It keeps everyone awake and allows me to refresh my brain to take in more technical knowledge. It’s great that someone planned in a well rounded approach of including interpersonal skills in a “computer class”. It is a very practical approach to creating actual desirable employees with skills outside their screen. It’s also a confidence boost because my background is in customer service, not computer science. I get to take a break from keeping up with the lesson(or what the more advanced lessons will become, rather),  to actually feel somewhat within my comfort zone.

See everyone tomorrow.


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